As a mom of 5 kids, I know how important it is to have not only pictures as a record of how your children look, but also a photograph that captures the personality and spirit of the little human you share your life with.  Each child is unique--they have their own passions, from favorite toys when they're younger to art and sports as they grow up. 


Every family is different, too.  Some are quiet and thoughtful, some are loud and rowdy.  There's no right or wrong--I aim to capture your true spirit and the beauty of your family in my photography.

Photography Style:

I'm a lifestyle photographer.  That means my goal is to produce authentic portraits of families that shows real interaction.  Yes, there will be shots of everyone looking at the camera.  But my photo shoots involve a lot of interaction between family members.  They're a lot of fun!  I'll work with you to capture genuine emotion and deep memories of this particular point in your family's life.